To Full Scale
Stainless Steel Thrust Ball Bearing
ProtoEdge™ Functional Prototypes
and Production Parts.


Rapid prototyping to full scale production parts, with a wide range of manufacturing services to get parts made. For minimum-part quantities to low and high volume production runs.

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ProtoEdge provides rapid prototyping and production parts options for solutions in product development. We specialize in on-demand, quick-turn, complex metal, plastic, and rubber parts, utilizing CNC/Swiss machining, cast urethane, injection molding, sheet metal fab, and 3D printing, in parallel with other technologies, and various surface finishing techniques. Working within aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and many other industries. As a rapid manufacturing services company with our core being customer service focus.

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Prototyping is a crucial aspect for many products designs process. It is in this stage of the design build, engineer’s intent to learn what works and what does not. For testing a design so, you can really find out where your product surpasses or falls short of likely success. Plus, options for prototyping runs as small as 1 unit in quantity or market production runs into the thousands of units, our facility is equipped to do both.


So, parts are delivered to print as quickly as possible in various kinds of materials. And quality control (QC), to uphold uncompromising standards and enforce your specifications.

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  • Ability to test part designs
  • Functional prototypes
  • Validate products design build early in the development process
  • Manage quantity volatility
  • Reduce design risk
  • Test multiple designs iterations
  • Using digital technologies to bring parts to market faster

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Prototypes are fabricated from ideas that an engineer or design team provides. A wide range of industries depend on high quality dimensional prototypes. Proto parts for these processes use high-end materials and top-of-the-line advanced manufacturing machinery. The focus results are intricate components or parts that allows you to full evaluate fit, function, to optimize the design.


ProtoEdge offers multiple solutions, to companies who might need a part for a myriad of in-house applications for replacement parts on a machine, to evaluate moving from a legacy system to a new design, or perhaps physical object sample for marketing, tradeshow or to prove out the marketing product demand for new innovation on a new item. As a rapid manufacturing technology solution company for parts, ProtoEdge help their customers expand their capabilities to determine if a needed component works. To achieve our customer’s high-end finished end-use product. We might recommend using a different type of fabrication or material type in a given process. We find solutions for your business with product and service success.

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When you’re ready, we can help you with deciding the best options for rapid prototyping
or production parts quantities. Contact us, to begin a productive collaboration
helping you with effective solutions.

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